Calling up the troops

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Calling up the troops

Post by Deplorable_Trumplican on Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:08 pm

Evil or Very Mad
We have from now till Wed night to accomplish this.It may be just rumor-don't want to get played-but hear whispers they're trying to talk Hillary out of Wed nights debate.Whether that's true or not here's the plan.
1.Attack her twitter account with the facts from Wikileaks.Throw everything we've got at her.Destroy her BEFORE Wed.
2. Go after the media.We've got their accounts on Twitter.Overwhelm them with attacks. Tell them exactly what we think of them.
I'll have to grab the list and post here to make it easy. Anyone have their phone no?We can call too.
After the election we have some Republicans in Congress to settle a score with.I would wait till then. For now, we gotta stay focused on the election.Not the Ratz.


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