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Obnoxious O Reilly

Post by Deplorable_Trumplican on Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:35 am

Yes he was. Anyone see the Trump interview with Bill?It wasn't going too badly until Bill brought up the old bs. Trump's treatment of women,Mexicans and Muslims. I think those were the 3.
Trump treats his wife and daughters like Queens. The only women i can think of, over the years ,that Trump was nasty too were Rosie O Donnel and later Megyn Kelly.
Trump wasn't nasty to the Mexican ppl. He spoke the truth about some of the illegal Mexicans coming over the border. Trump isn't being nasty to Muslims because he is clear about protecting our country.

Bill was wrong on all 3 counts but that didn't stop him.

And YES Mr O Reilly we are going to have to start profiling and STOP being pc.

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